More About Gregory


A bio written by Chuck Whiting

Growing Up in Rural Missouri. Gregory Fisher was always attracted to religion, spirituality and the church. Each congregation he attended became a new family for him, and by age 14, he was traveling throughout the region, singing and ministering in every little country church that would have him. From his earliest years, Gregory’s performances were characterized not only by an exceptional vocal quality, but also by the emotional maturity of his delivery. He wanted to do more than sing a song; he wanted to communicate the truth.

Making a Music Career. After high school, Gregory attended a Christian university and was nineteen when he accepted his first full-time position as a minister of youth and music. In 1983, he moved to Nashville to write and perform contemporary Christian music. Within two years, Gregory had a number one song on the charts, a Gospel Music Association Dove Award nomination, and a publishing contract with a major Christian music company. A recording deal was on the horizon. 

Accepting the “Awful Truth.” After more than ten years of agonizing, so-called “conversation therapy”, Gregory would no longer deny that he was gay. Doors slammed shut. The career that he had prepared for was gone overnight. Ties with many friends, family members and church homes became strained or disintegrated. Dazed, rejected and bitter, Gregory spent the next years spiraling out of control through substance abuse and angry acting out as he struggled to define his new life. 

Turning It Around. By July of 1987, Gregory had found his way to certain meetings where he came to admit that his life had become unmanageable. There he began to explore a new path back to himself—a journey of healing, not just from substance abuse, but also from self-abuse and self-condemnation. A deconstruction of his faith ensued, and then a reconstruction of a redeemed faith along with a sense of personal and professional identity. After many years of attending those meetings and intense healing, Gregory’s life took another dramatic turn when he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Challenges that he had faced for years suddenly made sense. His years of introspection along with his spiritual pursuit and maturity had prepared him to face this new opportunity with now-characteristic optimism. Recovery from dual diagnosis, while sometimes difficult, was possible. 

Flourishing Anyway. The difficult and the turn-around years lead Gregory to develop for himself a new approach to spirituality—a spirituality of integrity, authenticity and acceptance—and a ministry that exists beyond church walls. He is an “everyman” with a modern and accessible approach to age-old truths. His healing led him to study the Science of Mind, and in 2001, he became a licensed SOM practitioner. After earning a Master of Science degree in Social Work in 2003, he began counseling others battling substance abuse. Gregory later completed studies to become a personal life coach, and created a practice to help the addicts remain in recovery and their loved ones establish and maintain healthy, helpful boundaries. He is also an ordained minister, pursuing a Doctor of Divinity degree.

Pursuing Today. Now, Gregory is now helping others who are creating opportunities or facing challenges, whether similar to his or unique to their particular circumstances. His message is one of “amazing truth”—that there is hope and more. He believes, practice and teaches that all of life is a learning experience and a stepping stone to finding our own greatness. He is available to assist you personally as a coach, communicator and consultant.