Finding Yourself

“Finding yourself is not really how it works. 

You aren't a ten-dollar bill 

in last winter's coat pocket. 

You are also not lost. 

Your true self is right there, 

buried under cultural conditioning, 

other people's opinions, 

and inaccurate conclusions you drew as a kid that 

became your beliefs about who you are. 

Finding yourself is actually returning to yourself. 

An unlearning, an excavation, 

a remembering who you were 

before the world got its hands on you.”

Emily McDowell

Recover You


The Program

I created Recover You from my own experience to help clients discover their core self within, who has always been present, but buried under years and layers of conditioning, expectation and judgment. This true one inside who is connected to a greater truth and is nothing less than whole, complete and perfect. No struggle there!

The Recover You program requires a three- or six-month commitment. The program begins with a Primary Life Assessment in six areas of the client's life: Environment, Relationships, Physical Health, Emotional/Behavioral/Mental Health, Work and Finances. Once the assessment is completed, the client and I agree on the first two areas of their life (three-month program) that they want to recover first. Additional areas are then addressed over time as the commitment continues. 

Each of the life areas are examined from a renewed spiritual perspective and stripped of anything that is not genuine. The life they were always intended to have emerges naturally. It takes commitment, and it is so worth it!

The Clients

My clients are typically high achievers who have found extraordinary success in many areas of their lives, but who:     

  • often feel inadequate
  • think they may be an impostor
  • are sick of self-help programs and therapy
  • don't seem to know peace or serenity
  • keep looking for happiness up ahead
  • recognize that their experiences don't match their passions
  • compromise their essential truth for the sake of appearances
  • aren't sure if they've found their unique purpose
  • create survival skills that then become new problems
  • strain to bring authentic connection to their relationships
  • suffer the mental, emotional and physical pain of burnout
  • fear they will spend the rest of their days compartmentalized and dissatisfied.

The Outcomes

My clients find their genuine, their genius. It's simple, but it takes work. And it is work done best when guided by someone who has done the work themselves. That's what I offer.

Recover You directs clients not so much to find who they are, but, instead, to remove all who they are not. This insight inspires all that we do together to recover their highest and best selves. It's a process that helps them define a spiritual core that inspires real passion and self-worth! And then, they find they are ready to maintain healthy behaviors, vibrant relationships and centered, satisfying, purposeful living!