About Me

How I Got Here

1983 – 2000  

  • Received  a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication
  • Became an advertising manager for a Nashville-based record label
  • Became a drunk
  • Became a business reporter for a morning daily newspaper
  • Got sober
  • Became an account manager for an academic advertising organization
  • Became a vice president of market communications for a subsidiary of a major multi-national corporation
  • Became the acting communication director of a Washington DC-based political action, education and policy organization
  • Became the marketing director and operations manager for a community mental health services organization
  • Trained as an oppression reduction/diversity appreciation workshop facilitator with the National Coalition Building Institute


  • Diagnosed with a serious mental illness
  •  Became a licensed practitioner of Science of Mind   
  • Taught anger management and domestic violence prevention courses to court-ordered, violent offenders.


  • Received a Master of Science degree in Social Work
  • Accepted appointment as an adjunct professor at the University of Tennessee College of Social Work
  • Became a substance abuse counselor working with opiate and other polysubstance abusers
  • Received a  Personal and Professional Coaching degree from CoachU.


  • Became director of housing and homeless services for the Tennessee Department Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.


  • Became statewide director of community outreach in Tennessee for one of the world’s largest managed care companies.


  • Received a Bachelor of Divinity degree
  • Became an ordained minister of the Universal Brotherhood Movement
  • Became a licensed advanced practice social worker
  • Created a private practical spirituality coaching and pastoral counselor practice.


  • Trained in experiential therapy at Onsite Workshops.


  • ​Expanded practice as a full-time coach, communicator and consultant
  • Became certified in Level 1 Faster EFT (eutaptics®)
  • Continued studies toward a Doctor of Divinity degree.


  • Trained in ARISE® Comprehensive Care with Intervention
  • Trained in Level 2 Faster EFT (eutaptics®)
  • Developed Recover You program

I do not practice as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW).

Who I Am

I have lived some difficult experiences. And I have been granted some fantastic turn-arounds. While I was finding growing success in my career as a journalist, market communications executive, behavioral health counselor, program developer/administrator and corporate executive, my path toward personal restoration was simultaneously saving me from childhood and religious trauma, substance abuse and a serious mental health diagnosis. 

I discovered that I couldn't effectively compartmentalize myself. There isn't a "work me" and a "healing me," there's only me. Finding a way to integrate these seemingly disparate sides of myself led me to a new, practical spirituality—a spirituality of integrity, authenticity and acceptance. And, that spirituality soon infused how I approached my work with others beyond conventional practices. 

Now, after more than 30 years of sobriety, solid recovery and extensive study, along with continuing to build my professional résumé, I have combined what I learned in my business life and my healing life to create a unique professional venture that allows me to assist individual clients, families, groups, organizations and companies with a diverse array of service offerings.

It is my deepest wish that when you are working with me, you experience a man who is consciously creating with you, who is referencing his challenges and opportunities as we consider yours and who, by embracing life wholly, faithfully and intelligently, can offer informed and, perhaps, enlightened perspective to support you and your personal or professional goals. Helping you Recover You!

I have acknowledged my gifts, I have done my preparation and, now, I choose to share what I have learned as a coach, communicator and consultant.


Transitioning to a new purpose

Transitioning to a new purpose

Transitioning to a new purpose

"Early last year I felt like I was in a fog and just going in circles. I needed not only clarity about my next steps going forward but also a renewed focus. I am very grateful for Gregory’s guidance and encouragement when I most needed it!" 

Setting new boundaries

Transitioning to a new purpose

Transitioning to a new purpose

"Gregory Fisher was a great help to me in managing my emotions and looking at life through a different lens. He helped me understand how my thoughts help shape my reality. No one can decide who or what I am, that is all up to me."

Finding peace and moving on

Transitioning to a new purpose

Creating an expanded sense of self

"Working with Gregory is a multi-dimensional experience: Gregory is personable—allowing his clients to relax into their own solution with his gentle guidance. His coaching approach is both compassionate and supportively frank."

Creating an expanded sense of self

Creating an expanded sense of self

Creating an expanded sense of self

"Gregory Fisher is a natural as a life coach. His unique gifts of compassionate listening and understanding, his considerable training and experience as a counselor as well as his extensive work in the study of 'new-thought' spirituality make him uniquely qualified to guide the fortunate individuals with whom he works toward a truly healed, whole, fulfilling and successful life. I know this from my own work with Gregory, the healing and learning continue to resonate with me today."

Facing a family crisis

Creating an expanded sense of self

Endorsement from a colleague

"When we first met Gregory, our family was at a very low point. Demoralized by our son's mental health crisis, scared and confused, we were desperately trying to make sense of a senseless situation and desperately struggling to hold our family together. Gregory's compassionate yet firm counsel helped us to sort it all out. With grace and humor, he guided us to formulate strategies to build our confidence  and  strengthen our relationships. We are so grateful to have been able to work with him, and today, in no small part because of his unflinching positivity, we are returned to ourselves and our lives are much improved." 

Endorsement from a colleague

Creating an expanded sense of self

Endorsement from a colleague

"My experience with Gregory is one that is grounded in his consistent invitation to navigate life with fearless authenticity and courage. His approach is holistic in its inclusion of mind/body/spirit interactions. I appreciate his emphasis on encouraging the individual to find their own unique, creative spark for participating in an  expanded capacity to meet life on life's terms. I see him as a genuine seeker with a life purpose and passion to be of service to the human family by raising awareness about the maladaptive behaviors that create suffering in our lives. I highly recommend Gregory as a compassionate guide in this process."

Oh, And I Sing Too!


I've been singing professionally since I was 14 years of age!