Science of Mind Practitioner

A student of the work of Ernest Holmes through his seminal book, The Science of Mind and Spirit (SOM), since 1991, I became a licensed practitioner in 2000. SOM focuses on the principals and practices as articulated by Holmes to create our life and experiences "exactly according to our belief." 

The Centers for Spiritual Living (formerly Religious Science) trains and licenses practitioners to work with individuals to face challenges and opportunities using Affirmative Prayer to bring the highest and best outcomes in their lives. 

Essentially we are professional prayers, but, oh, so much more! I'd be happy to talk more with you about this practice, or you can read more about the philosophy, Ernest Holmes, Centers for Spiritual living and Affirmative Prayer in various writings across the internet. There is a pretty concise article at 

In these sessions, I hear the interests of the client toward eliminating challenges and attracting opportunities in their lives including health, relationships, abundance and more. I "know the truth" for them in these area using Affirmative Prayer, and I teach them how to create their own Affirmative Prayers. It is a powerful tool that has completely changed my life and the lives of millions. Working with a SOM Practitioner is recognized as a beneficial practice to the extent that in some states, it is insurance reimbursable.

To book coaching or Science of Mind practitioner sessions, scroll to the bottom of the Services/Appointments page under the heading Online Appointments, and click on the button for the service you want. If you would prefer to talk with me first about what you hope to achieve, contact me at (629) 216-9727 or email me at